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The Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat in Wales

Already, fewer people in Wales with a mental health problem are being held in police custody. However there is much more to do to put local plans into action, embed joint working and grow the ambitions set out in the Concordat. We can build on the momentum we have now established, and work with our partners to make sure people in crisis get the right help at the right time.

The Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat in Wales is an agreement between the Welsh Government and partners to improve how people, in a mental health crisis and who present a risk to themselves or the public, are helped. It aims to help prevent people being held inappropriately in police custody or being drawn into the criminal justice system.

It was signed in December 2015 by the Welsh government, police forces, NHS, councils and other agencies. At Mind Cymru we’re supporting the work of the Concordat, in particular through chairing its Task and Finish Board (on behalf of the Wales Alliance for Mental Health) and assisting in its coordination.

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Find out more about our volunteers, with lived experience of mental health problems, who are campaigning with us to make mental health a priority in Wales.

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