Housing and mental health

A guide to housing and mental health, with information about the impact of housing on your mental health, common problems and how to access support. Includes guidance on the pros and cons of different types of housing.

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Money, mental health and university

When my mental health is bad I end up going on spending sprees and ruining everything.

Posted on 16/03/2010

Money and mental health - a year of living dangerously close to the edge

Money worries contributed to Jamie's anxiety and panic attacks. He blogs about how he's coped and what he's planning for the future.

Jamie Stevenson
Posted on 11/01/2017

Managing money and being kind to yourself

Siobhan felt anxious and guilty when she didn't stick to a strict budget. She blogs about her experience here.

Posted on 11/01/2017

What support can I get in a housing crisis?

I’m a 24/7 voice hearer on benefits… I am facing eviction.

If you are worried about losing your home or about becoming homeless it can be really scary, but there are options for support:

  • If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you should contact your local council and ask them what options are available. Councils have a legal duty to help certain people who are considered to be 'in priority need'. This sometimes includes people with mental health problems. (See our useful contacts page for information about how to contact your local council.)
  • Even if the local council decides that it has no legal duty to house you, it must still provide you with advice about finding alternative accommodation.
  • The Shelter helpline can help you understand your legal housing rights.
  • Citizens Advice can also offer advice and may be able to find you support locally.
  • If you are already homeless, organisations such as Homeless UK, Crisis or Streetlink will be able to connect you with local services such as hostels, advice and day centres.

This information was published in November 2014. We will revise it in 2017.

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