We need excellent crisis care

In a mental health crisis, your mind is at melting point. You can’t carry on anymore. There may be an immediate risk of self harm or suicide. You may experience extreme anxiety, have a panic attack or even a psychotic episode. It can happen to anyone.

When people’s lives come crashing down in a mental health crisis, they need help. Urgently. Only 14 per cent of people in crisis got all the help and support they needed.

That’s not acceptable: an emergency is an emergency.

Excellent crisis care exists. It can save lives. And that’s why we need it available for everyone.

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Restraint in mental health services

We all want to see a reduction in the use of restraint in mental health settings - an experience that can be scary, humiliating and cause unnecessary distress.

Although there is some great work going on around the country to promote environments where restraint is not needed, we need to see this everywhere. We want to empower people with experience of mental health problems to be part of local initiatives to reduce restraint and spread good practice.

Our new guides – a summary of current restraint guidance and an accompanying campaigning guide – are there to help you to influence change in your area and to support you along the way.

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